alphatronics premium service

"With us, customers are our focus! Convincing "made in Germany" quality, combined with a service tailored to our mobile customers: this is what motivates us every day." Timo Kehl, Head of Aftersales

Want help installing your new alphatronics television for the first time? Need someone to explain your SMART TV’s features? Want someone else to take care of the initial set-up, channel search and sorting? No problem! From now on, alphatronics can also take care of it! Simply book alphatronics’ specialist introductory service. Contents of the service:

  • Help installing your TV in your motorhome or caravan
  • Initial set-up, channel search and sorting
  • Image optimisation
  • Sound optimisation
  • Connection of TV to existing satellite system and sound systems (if available and if connection of a third-party product is an option)
  • Connection an external hard drive to use the recording feature
  • Connection to the Internet and app set-up (with SMART TVs)
  • Demonstration of the DLAN/Miracast feature
  • In-depth customised training on your TV’s features and how to use them

Price of 90-minute specialist introductory service from alphatronics: €99 (incl. VAT)
Consultations take place at our site in Nuremberg. Must be booked in advance.

Call us directly to make an appointment:
Tel. 0911 21 65 54-0

Or send us an email to

It has always been our aim to offer you the best service as well as the best quality. Our new alphatronics Premium Service now offers further useful services related to our mobile TVs.

For example the warranty extension from 3 years to 4 years