Warranty statement

Warranty statement for alphatronics TVs

General warranty conditions

alphatronics GmbH, residing at Breitengraserstraße 6, 90482 Nuremberg, Germany, grants you as the end customer, beginning on the date of purchase from your alphatronics dealer, a warranty period of three years on all alphatronics televisions. Should you purchase an alphatronics television within the context of a vehicle purchase (e.g. caravan, trailer), the purchasing date of the vehicle is decisive. Your statutory rights of liability for defects, accordingly of rectification, withdrawal, reduction as well as compensation (§ 437 BGB [German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch)]), shall remain unaffected by this fact. The warranty is product-related and is entitled to each legal owner of the TV device under the provisions of these conditions.

The warranty therefore exclusively covers such defects which are attributed to the fault of materials or processing.

In the case of a warranty claim, please contact us in advance at info@alhatronics.del or via telephone on + 49 (0) 911-216554-0. Our support team will send you a return form via email. Alternatively, you can instruct your on-site alphatronics dealer with the return form.

For a warranty claim to be processed, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must return the TV with a legible serial number
  • You must attach a copy of the original proof of purchase (receipt, dealer sales slip) – when purchasing the television within the framework of a caravan or trailer, evidence of the vehicle purchase should be submitted
  • You must include detailed written notification of the fault and when it occurred, or when it initially occurred

Should a fault arise that is not due to improper use of the device, we will either repair the TV, or if this is not possible, provide a replacement. Important: In the event of a warranty claim, repairs must only be carried out by ourselves as the manufacturer. Repair attempts by third parties will result in the loss of warranty.

The following are excluded from the warranty:

  • Defective installation or incorrect use of the TV device
  • Transportation and road costs
  • Assembly and dismantling costs, or upgrading and installation of the TV device
  • Non-compliance with the operating instructions
  • Improper use
  • External influences such as shocks, impacts or weather conditions
  • Repairs and modifications by unauthorised third parties
  • Use of unsuitable accessories
  • Damage through impermissible voltage surges (e.g. lightning strike)
  • Stored content on your product, such as data, photos or software
  • Wear parts such as batteries or accumulators
  • Loss or theft

Should a warranty claim exist, and we carry out the repair or exchange, the warranty period shall not commence anew from the moment of receipt of the repaired or replaced goods. The warranty period shall therefore end, independent of any warranty claims, permanently at the end of the three years starting from the date of purchase.