alphatronics technology

This is what perfect mobile TV looks like!

All alphatronics TVs are manufactured at our site in Nuremburg

This ensures consistently high quality so that we can meet your expectations for reliable mobile TVs.

For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to meeting the mobile TV needs of caravan and motorhome owners. We take the experience we have gained and apply it to the development of our products. Our highly qualified staff, combined with ongoing training measures and our quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015), guarantee premium quality for our customers.

Again, our philosophy comes into play: alphatronics – Big on details.

Integrated surge protection

All alphatronics TVs have integrated surge protection to protect against damage during short-term peak loads (engine start, solar panel start-up etc.).

Shock and vibration tested televisions

All alphatronics TVs are shock and vibration tested. This ensures a high degree of operational reliability and consistent quality for our customers.

Special climate test

In the climate test, TVs are tested under extreme conditions in a special climate chamber. This ensures that all electronic components work perfectly even in extreme heat or sub-zero temperatures (-10 degrees to +45 degrees).


alphatronicsLink is a control protocol that has been further developed on the basis of the HDMI-CEC standard. It allows different terminal devices connected to the television via HDMI to be controlled easily and conveniently with just one remote control, for example the alphatronics TV remote control.

And of course, alphatronics TVs also include:

  • 12 volt operation/230 volt operation
  • Voltage stability from 10.8 to a maximum of 26 volts
  • Integrated surge protection
  • Real on/off switch
  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Operation and storage at extreme temperatures