The SL-Line+ with two SMART TV portals!

alphatronics SL-Line+ Individual

The SL-Line+ with two SMART TV portals!

You will be impressed by the added technological features offered by the SL-Line+. Thanks to the two SMART TV portals, the world of mobile Internet is open to you! And thanks to the Android 9.0 operating system, you can surf the Internet or choose from a wide range of apps in the Google Play Store. The Netrange SMART TV portal offers customised SMART TV content and a variety of interesting apps. Of course, you can also access all common streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. Also new is the option of OTA updates (software updates via the Internet). With the help of the Miracast and DLNA function, the screen content is mirrored from the mobile device to the TV.

As with all alphatronics TVs, the SL-Line+ is also equipped with Bluetooth. The new Bluetooth 5.1 as standard provides even faster connection, a wider range and lower consumption. The colour resolution offers an even greater range of radiant colours. The new AUDIO DSP technology provides a better sound experience and a new digital processor for faster access to your favourite stations.

Thanks to the innovative alphatronicsView display, the SL-Line+ offers LED display technology of the future. The innovative wide-angle display means that you can enjoy a great view of your TV from any position. All this, plus brilliant image quality with very low power consumption.

The SL-Line+ is available in 19", 22", 24", 27", 32" and 40"screen sizes. It is equipped with the new alphatronics triple tuner (DVB-S2, DVB-T2HD, DVB-C, CI+ HDTV), DVD player, USB connection (DSBAI+ models: 2x USB), 2 x HDMI connections and an integrated Bluetooth module – features that guarantee perfect entertainment.


New models in 32" and 40" screen sizes.

New model: SL-32 DSBAI+
Thanks to a screen diagonal of 80 cm and small external dimensions, the SL-32 DSBAI+ is impressive across the board.

New model: SL-40 SBAI+
And you can go even larger! The new SL-40 SBAI+ has a screen diagonal of 101 cm, making it the largest mobile TV on the market. This model comes without an integrated DVD player so that it can be seamlessly integrated into the living environment of larger motorhomes.

External WiFi antenna on device

The SLA-Line+ is equipped with an external WiFi antenna for optimal reception. The connection of an outdoor WiFi antenna is also an option.


The gateway to the mobile multimedia world

Despite their compact design, alphatronics TVs are equipped with a variety of useful features for mobile use. With the integration of the SMART TV feature, alphatronics is setting new standards in the mobile TV sector.


Convincing innovation from alphatronics

alphatronicsOS – two SMART TV portals and OTA updates!

From this year, alphatronics’ new SMART TV models add even more variety to your mobile entertainment options. Thanks to the introduction of the new alphatronicsOS operating system, all alphatronics SMART TVs are now equipped with two SMART TV portals*.
Access the world of the Internet thanks to the Android 9.0 system. Simply select the app you want from the Google Play store. Surfing the Internet is easy thanks to the integrated browser.

Want to find out more about the area surrounding your motorhome/caravan or your final destination? Then make the most of YouTube’s variety and watch a travelogue about the local area. Or select an app from the app store to facilitate your caravan or motorhome journey (e.g. parking space app or petrol station finder).

Thanks to the new customised Netrange SMART TV portal, the SL-Line+ now offers an even wider range of interesting content. Of course, you can also access all common streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

*Streaming services are subject to change without notice and can be discontinued by the provider. The availability of streaming services varies by region.
**Products with NETRANGE contain NetFront Browser BE from ACCESS CO., LTD. ACCESS, the ACCESS Powered logo, and NetFront are trademarks or registered trademarks of ACCESS CO., LTD. in Japan, the United States

OTA updates: Software updates via the Internet

Now mobile TV is getting smarter and more convenient.

The new alphatronicsOS also includes the option of OTA updates (software updates via the Internet).


Integrated Bluetooth 5.1 module

One highlight of the new SL-Line+ is the integration of the alphatronicsSound Bluetooth 5.1 module. The alphatronicsSound Bluetooth 5.1 module enables the wireless connection of speaker systems from the alphatronicsSound range. Connect headphones or external speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth. Save yourself laying additional annoying cables without compromising on your sound experience.

Thanks to the alphatronics Bluetooth 5.1 module, not only can the TV send audio signals via Bluetooth, it can also play music from a mobile phone through the TV!

Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy

  • Lightning-fast connection
  • Very low electricity consumption
  • Improved connection stability


Use the Miracast/DLNA feature to mirror your smartphone’s screen content on your TV.

The new alphatronicsOS with its two SMART TV portals can be found in the S-Line+, the SLA-Line+ and the SL-Line+.


DVB-S2, DVB-T2 HD and DVB-C tuner in one device

All models in the SL-Line+ are equipped as standard with the new alphatronics triple tuner. This consists of a DVB-S2 tuner, DVB-T2 HD tuner and DVB-C tuner. Thanks to the DVB-S2 tuner, you can connect your satellite system directly to the TV and receive digital TV and radio programmes without an additional receiver.

With the integrated DVB-C tuner you can receive digital programmes over the cable network. This means that you can also use your SL-Line+ products at home.

The integrated DVB-T2 HD tuner allows you to receive TV programmes via a small external DVB-T antenna in many regions of Germany and also in other European countries. You can enjoy high-definition television (HDTV) due to the MPEG4 standard of the alphatronics triple tuner (MPEG4 is the European HDTV standard). Thanks to the integrated CI+ slot (Common Interface), if you have an activated smartcard you can receive encrypted digital programmes (pay TV).

Global Energy award

Saving energy – an issue that has always been very important to us! Years ago, we were the first manufacturer in the mobile sector to introduce our eTV technology. This led to a reduction of up to 50% in the energy used by our TVs. Furthermore, all of our mobile TVs have a real on/off switch. We were delighted to receive the "Global Energy” award for the predecessor to the alphatronics SL-Line+.


You decide how your TV should be equipped.

No one knows better than you how your TV should be equipped. That is why we have the alphatronics SL-Line+ Individual.

Standard equipment

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