alphatronics TVs

Developed and manufactured in Germany

Innovation has a name: alphatronicsOS

Two SMART TV portals in one TV.

We were the first mobile TV manufacturers to introduce TVs with SMART TV features five years ago. Now we’re taking the next important step forward. This year, we’re presenting our new mobile TV models equipped with two SMART TV portals!

Based on the new alphatronicsOS operating system, we are offering you exciting all-round entertainment like never before! Access the world of the Internet thanks to the latest Android 9.0 system. Simply surf the Internet or select the app you want from the Google Play store. The second portal available to you is our customised Netrange SMART TV portal. This offers you an even wider range of useful content. You can access common streaming services here, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+. Another highlight of the new alphatronicsOS is the option to update your TV via the Internet (OTA updates). This enables us to react quickly and easily to changes in the mobile TV world on behalf of you, our customer. Another new addition is the HbbTV feature which provides additional information about the TV programme you are watching.

On top of the new alphatronicsOS, the new SLA-Line and SL-Line+ also offer the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard. As with the previous standard, this enables you to send and receive music via your TV. However, end devices are now able to connect to your TV even more quickly. Further advantages include improved connection stability and low power consumption.

Our developers have worked hard to add two new TV models to the SLA-Line+. From now on we can offer you a 27" TV with either a DVD player or integrated Blu-Ray player. The multiple award-winning SL-Line+ has been expanded to include 27" and 40" screen sizes. alphatronics’ entry-level range has been expanded to include the K-Line+ range in addition to the T-Line+ range.